Dan's Auto Repair


When it comes to Modesto auto repair we understand that there is a great deal you may not understand. Our personable Service Advisor takes the time to thoroughly explain the diagnosis and repair procedures necessary to get your car back on the road in perfect running order.

Oil Changes

We have ASE Certified Technicians who spend 30-40 minutes on each oil change.  Oil Change service includes a thorough inspection of your vehicle, as we take the quality of our work and the maintenance of your vehicle very seriously.

Factory Recommended Maintenance

One of the best ways to keep your vehicle running at it's best is to follow your manufacturer’s recommended maintenance services. These maintenance services have scheduled intervals based on mileage, such as 30,000 miles, 60,000 miles or 90,000 miles. The services recommended for each of these scheduled intervals vary by mileage and manufacturer.

Smog Check & Vehicle Inspection

ASE certified Smog Check and Smog Repair technicians can handle smog checks on all models of cars and trucks. We can also repair any smog system on your car or truck on the road today. If your vehicle fails a smog check we can repair your system and get you back on the road quickly.

Diagnostics (Check Engine Light)

We have all the equipment and information needed to determine what is setting off your check engine light and correct the problem if needed. The problem might be even covered by the manufacturers warranty and repaired free of charge.

Brakes & Brake Service

The brakes on your vehicle work very hard. Whether you need brake repair or brake replacement, our Certified Service technicians can help you get safely—and confidently—back on the road.

Air Conditioning/Heating

Harsh weather conditions can make it uncomfortable to drive. To keep yourself and passengers comfortable, we recommend having your air conditioning system checked at the start of the each warm season.


At Dan's Auto Repair we understand that trust is a huge issue in the automotive repair industry. For that purpose we go out of our way to keep our customers informed through out the process of their vehicle repair. Knowing and understanding what is going on with your vehicle brings you security and helps you better maintain your vehicle.

Our technicians are trained and "ASE" certified. We back our work and our name is our guarantee. We urge you to find a more dedicated and caring auto repair facility in the Central Valley. Stop by today and experience peace of mind at Dan's Auto Repair.